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Summer Swim Meets 101 

Brief overview of a dual meet for GKAISA league swimming

Set-Up Crew arrives early to set up the home pool.

Arrival & Check-In 

  • Look for the Flying Dolphin sign 
  • Swimmers and Parent Workers check in and receive name tags and any last-minute event changes 
  • Families find locations to set up their chairs/towels/blankets/pop tents in team groups 


  • Home team begins warm-ups at 5pm 
  • Visiting team begins warm-ups at 5:30pm 

Volunteer Workers Meeting 

  • Parents and officials meet briefly to discuss positions and acquire supplies (clipboards, etc) 
  • First few heats/events arrive at Clerk of Course for beginning of meet 

Meet Begins - 6:00pm 

  • Teams vary on official opening of meet (national anthem; prayer; announcement, etc) 
  • The Referee will give a group of short whistles which announces the readiness of the next race. A long whistle gives indication to Starter to initiate the next race. 
  • The Starter will announce each event number, gender, age group, stroke name before the first heat in each event; then only the heat number and stroke being swum for subsequent heats of the same event number. 

Order of Events (by age, then gender within these stroke events)  

{Order within events: girls 8 & underboys 8 & under , girls 9-10boys 9-10, girls 11-12boys 11-12, girls 13-14boys 13-14girls 15-18boys 15-18


  • 1-10 -> Individual Medley  (fly, back, breast, free)
  • 11-20 -> Freestyle 
  • 21-30 -> Backstroke 
  • 31-40 -> Medley Relay   (back, breast, fly, free)
  • 41-50 -> Breaststroke 
  • 51-60 -> Butterfly 
  • 61-70 -> Freestyle Relay 

Midway Point  (typically between 7:30 and 8:15, depending) 

  • Halfway through meet (approx. event 35) the second shift workers take over the volunteer job positions 
  • Current team scores usually begins to be announced periodically 

Freestyle Relay Event 

  • The last event of the meet is usually pretty exciting for everyone in attendance - especially if the score is close. 

Clean Up  (anywhere from 9-10:30 depending on the number of swimmers and weather delays) 

  • Workers return supplies used during jobs to Scoring 
  • Coach meets briefly with team 
  • Home team takes down the tents, ropes, starting blocks, etc. 
  • Trash and personal items picked up 
  • Everyone goes home ready for a good night sleep
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