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Inclement Weather Policies

Please Note:   MAFD swim practices and meets will take place in the rain unless there is thunder or lightning in the area.

  • How will I know if practice is canceled due to inclement weather?

Coaches or officers will notify families about canceled practices via this website; the SwimTopia app, and Facebook. If weather is questionable, please check each of these resources for cancellation notices before bringing your swimmer to practice. You may need to pick up your swimmer early from practice if bad weather arises during practice, so plan accordingly.

  • How will I know if a meet is canceled due to inclement weather?

Meet officials and coaches will closely monitor weather conditions in the hours leading up to a meet. If it is determined that unsafe weather conditions exist before a meet starts, MAFD will send a message through the SwimTopia app and this website.

  • What happens if a thunderstorm occurs once the meet is underway?

For the safety of everyone during meets, swimmers will exit the pool, and the pool deck will be cleared, for a minimum of 30 minutes as soon as a clap of thunder is heard or lightning is seen by lifeguards or meet officials. The clock will reset for an additional 30 minutes each time another clap of thunder is heard or lightning is present.

Please do NOT leave the meet during these weather delays. If the weather continues to present unsafe conditions, coaches and meet officials from both teams will notify families that the meet is being canceled.   Please Note: If rain is in the forecast, plan accordingly by packing rain ponchos, umbrellas or tents/canopies.

  • Will the meet be rescheduled if it is interrupted by inclement weather?

Every effort will be made to reschedule meets that are canceled due to stormy weather. Coaches and team officers will let families know of new dates as soon as they are set and the new date will be added to the calendar on the team website.

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