Need more certified helpers

Dear Dolphin Parents,

We are in need of a few more Stroke & Turn judges for the season. And even another Starter would be helpful. GKAISA offers an online class now. So, you can watch the video, take the open book online test, and get certified for being a S&T Judge or Starter ASAP. This would be so helpful to have more people for jobs. That way we don't have a parent working the entire meet (like we did on Saturday). Please consider getting certified for a position to help out. Certifications are valid for 2 seasons. Talk to Stewart Schmidt or Kate Phipps for more details or to answer questions. If you do watch video and take online class, let us know so your name can go into the system as being certified.

Thanks so much for helping our team to run smooth, successful meets. The kids often don't know how much goes into it, but we do! And we thank you!!

Kate Phipps, for the MAFD Board


Link to video:


Link to GKAISA certification info, test, etc:


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