Day 2 at City Meet - Qualifiers

We had a very successful day at City today!!  We have 16 swimmers returning for Finals Tomorrow!  4 Relays qualified (events 9, 37, 39 and 85) and 3 individuals in 4 events. We also had 3 alternates. See the list below to confirm if you are returning tomorrow and what event(s) you qualified in.

Lee Adkisson, 9

Bekah Benedict, 29, 39, 69, and 89

Sarah Grinder, 19, 39, 89

Lucy Hone, 85

Ana Lee, 37

Molly Lowe, 37

Emma Myers, 39, 49, 89

Kate Napier, 9

Nevan Newman, 9

Jada Phipps, 39

Salena Riser, 37

Madelyn Rupp, 85

Dawson Schmidt, 9

Jesse Schmidt, 37

Cortlyn Titsworth, 85

Ella Zunich, 85


Sarah Grinder, 79

Lucy Hone, 45

Noah Jinks, 70

Attached is the final results from City Meet today and the estimated timeline for tomorrow. If you are in event 9 (mixed relay), check in is at 7:30 am.

We recommend swimmers arrive 1 hour before the estimated time for your event to warm up and check CoC calls. There will be NO tent parent tomorrow, so you need to be alert for your event calls to CoC. If you are late, you will NOT be allowed in. When you arrive, text Coach Austen at (865) 789-6723 with your swimmers name for check in. Our team has NO work duties tomorrow. Coach Laura is planning on attending at this point.  Respond to this email, or call me with any questions.  Kate  (865) 850-5621

Good Luck Dolphins!!

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